What to do While You’re on Vacation With Your Blog

I remember the first time I left my blog all alone. We were going on a cruise ship for a seven-night vacation, and I decided to totally disconnect since the ship’s internet speed is known for being notoriously slow.

My blog was only a couple of years old, so at the time I didn’t have a regular virtual assistant to back me up, but, I knew that because I had paid advertisers on the site that expected their ads to be running 24/7 that I needed to find someone trustworthy to watch over things while I was away.

If you have a thriving blogging business, but you’d like to take a break here’swhat to do with your blog while you’re on vacation. Continue reading


How to Attract Companies To Purchase Ads Space On Your Blog

By: Lucky Ifeanyi,

Recently, I ran a survey asking readers what types of topics they wanted more information on and “how to make money with your blog” came up over and over again.

It seems like it would be easy enough – place some ads on your blog and watch the money roll in, right? Unfortunately, securing advertisers is not as easy as 1-2-3. For Continue reading

Top 10 Popular Ways Hckers Hack Your Website

Yes, hacking is a growing threat for every business both large and small.

Whether it’s stealing private data, taking control of your computer, or shutting down your website, hackers can seriously impact any business, at any time. Defencely have been running analysis since it’s existence on different possible attack vectors and hence has been proven with a record for web application security in India and is currently going global. There are specifics onto which Defencely had been working it’s way onto making a name on the CIO portfolio for Continue reading